Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use any GMO ingredients in your products?

Our seasoned Human Beans do not contain any GMO ingredients. There are no artificial colours or flavours either.

Are your products Vegan?


Star Ratings… how does it work?

The Health Star Rating is an Australian government led initiative that scores the nutritional value of foods. The health Star rating is from ½ star up to 5 stars. So the more stars, the healthier the choice. This helps consumers to compare foods in the same category so that healthier food choices can be made. With 5 stars, our Human Beans are a great choice. Want to know more? Go to healthstarrating.gov.au

Are there any allergens in your products?

Our seasoned Human Beans are made in our factory that doesn’t use any allergens. Our Human beans are naturally gluten free. We work with our suppliers to ensure that our seasonings do not contain any of the allergens listed in the Food Standards Code. Gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish, eggs, dairy, lupins, Crustacea (shellfish), fish, sesame or lupin.

Do you use sustainable farming practices?

Our farmers have been using sustainable farming practises, including zero-till farming techniques since the 1980’s. We keep up with and use the latest farming practices on our 13500 Ha of premium grain growing land. We have been growing grains for over 60 years on our farms.

Do you use all Australian ingredients?

Unfortunately we can’t use all Australian ingredients due to availability. Our faba beans are definitely Australian and they make up more than 85% of the product. We are unable to source 100% Australian sunflower oil or seasonings for our Human Beans.

Are all of your products made in Australia?

Yes, all of our seasoned Human Beans are made in Goondiwindi, Australia (about 50kilometres from the farm where they grew up)

Is your packaging recyclable?

It sure is!